Bushman Roadie SC15

15L Portable Fridge Freezer - 12V


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Bushman Roadie SC15

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  • – FREE Transit Cover
  • – FREE Tie Down Brackets
  • – FREE Padded Shoulder Carry Strap
  • – FREE Stainless Steel Cam Buckle Straps

Super Compact and Premium Quality 15L Fridge / Freezer for your Car

Australia’s best, small portable fridge freezer, bar none.

With a unique 31cm tall interior and narrow width, the Roadie is small enough to fit almost anywhere, but big enough to hold everything you need for a long drive. You can even stand up 1.25L soft drink bottles, champagne and wine bottles.

The Roadie has a powder coated steel cabinet for supreme strength, and an extensively modified and Bushman approved cooling system to reduce energy consumption. This will save you power, improve cooling performance and increase the life of your compressor.

Keep a Bushman Roadie close and handy in your 4WD, RV, car, truck or agricultural equipment, or as the perfect centre console fridge.

And yes, you can use the Roadie as a dedicated freezer too.


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    Bushman Reliable
    • 5 Year Warranty
    • Local Australian quality control
    • Secop Danfoss compressor
    • Custom soft rubber feet absorb vibrations
    • Extra ventilation reduces heat to increase compressor life
    • Powder-coated steel cabinet
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    Light on Power
    • Custom and oversize ventilation on the front and sides
    • Wire on tube condenser for faster heat release and to reduce dust build up
    • Average 0.58 Amp/hr over 24hrs (25º ambient, 4º fridge, 12V system)
    • Genuine Bushman approved cooling system
    • Modified thermostat settings and software
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    Easy to Use
    • 15 Litre overall capacity
    • Taller design 380mm high to accomodate 1.25L soft drink bottles
    • Insulated drink holders to keep your drinks cooler
    • Narrow design to fit anywhere
    • Magnetic lid seal
    • Reversible lid hinges
  • Good internal dimensions

    With 31cm of internal height, the Bushman Roadie is tall enough to stand up 1.25L soft drinks, champers and wine bottles. 375ml cans fit on their side.

  • Custom Bushman cooling system

    Get faster cool-down, use less power and greatly extend the life of your compressor with the Roadies superior ventilation, air-flow and upgraded thermostat.

  • All the extra bits

    It’s easy to see why people love this fridge. Insulated drink holders, a tie-down kit, shoulder carry strap and a transit cover are included, so you’ve got everything you need.


  • Set temperature range

    -18º to 10º
  • Operating angle

    Up to 30º
  • Fuse

    10 A built in
  • Compressor

    Genuine Danfoss BD1.4VSD
  • Average power use

    Average 0.58 Amp/hr over 24hrs (25º ambient, 4º fridge)
  • Current draw

    Variable speed compressor 2A to 4.5A
  • Length

  • Width

  • Height

  • Weight

  • Low current

    Cut in 10.9V, Cut out 9.6V
  • 12V lead included

    2m long with cigarette socket

The perfect companion for your car and truck

Designed to be super compact yet offer powerful cooling and freezing capability, the Bushman Roadie SC15 is the ideal travelling accessory for your car, truck or ute. Just the right size to use as a centre console fridge, travelling with the Bushman Roadie means snacks, lunch and icy cold drinks will always be close to hand. For days when you’re working out onsite, taking a long road trip, or even for handy storage after a trip to the supermarket – your Bushman Roadie will never let you down.

  • Roadie 15L Seat
  • Roadie 15L Fridge Console
  • Carry Roadie Fridge
  • Carry Roadie 15L Fridge