Original Bushman Fridge 35L

35L Camping Fridge / Freezer - 12V / 240V



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Original Bushman Fridge 35L
What's included
  • – 5 Year warranty
  • – 240V to 12V transformer
  • – 2 Internal stacking baskets
  • – 4 Heavy duty tie down brackets
  • – HD Anderson lead
  • – Anderson to cigarette adapter
  • + Free Transit Cover

Outstanding Efficiency & Reliability

The Original and the Best.

If you’re after an extremely efficient and reliable chest style fridge freezer, the OG Bushman is the perfect fridge. With an oversized cooling unit for its 35 litre size, this fridge will stay cool in the hottest weather.

At only 380mm high, it fits easily in a tight spot. Like under a bunk in your truck or caravan, or in the back of a ute with a hard tonneau cover.

This is a great size fridge to use as your daily go-to, as a secondary drinks fridge, or as a true 12v deep-freezer.

Independent Awards Winner – Best Portable Fridge 2017 + 2018 + 2019 + 2020 + 2021 + 2022 + 2023 + 2024


  • Proven Reliability

    • Over 20 years of use in Australia
    • Nidec Danfoss BD35 compressor
    • German designed / Japanese owned
    • Full steel cabinet
    • 5 Year warranty
  • Outstanding Efficiency

    • Genuine Bushman designed cooling system
    • 360º ventilation top, bottom & 3 sides
    • Wire on tube condenser gets heat out faster
    • Average 0.5 Ah (set at -4º in 25º ambient)
  • Easy to Use

    • Fridge or deep freezer
    • Digitally controlled thermostat
    • Heavy duty tie-down points
    • Side opening lid


  • Set temperature range

    -18º to 10º

  • Average power usage

    Average 0.5 amps per hour (set at -4º in 25º ambient)

  • Current draw

    Variable speed drive compressor (2A - 4.5A)

  • Low voltage cut-out

    10.4 V

  • Exterior dimensions

    Length 690mm | Width 385mm | Height 380mm

  • Interior basket dimensions

    Length 375mm | Width 275mm | Height 245mm

  • Weight


  • Warranty

    5 Years Australia wide

Add a 35L - 52L Extension Kit

$300+ worth of accessories for $200

Transform your Original Bushman 35L with our unique 35 – 52L extension kit.

This allows you to easily adjust the height of your fridge. So you can go from a 35L fridge, to 42L, 45L and right up to 52L.  There’s separate areas for your frozen food, fridge items, crisper and tall bottles, which also makes it easier to access food that’s stuck on the bottom.

The extension kit is the best way to get more from your portable fridge investment. It’s one of a kind, and only available from Bushman.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the Original Bushman 35L as a freezer?

Yes! The Original Bushman 35L can be used as either a fridge or a freezer.

What size battery do I need for the Original Bushman 35L?

We recommend a 100Ah deep cycle (AGM) or 60Ah lithium battery. This will run the Original Bushman 35L for three days and nights.

How many watts of solar does the Original Bushman 35L need?

We recommend approximately 200W of solar paired with a 100Ah AGM or 60Ah lithium battery for the Original Bushman 35L.

How much power does the Original Bushman 35L use?

the Original Bushman 35L uses approximately 0.5Ah every hour. This is measured with the fridge set at 4˚C and a 25˚C ambient temperature

What are the battery protection setting on the Original Bushman 35L?

We set the low voltage cut out very low, so your fridge does not turn off unnecessarily. Cut-in 10.9V. Cut-out 9.6V.

How many 375ml cans can I fit in the Original Bushman 35L?

You can fit 44 x 375ml cans in the Original Bushman 35L.

Is there a transit cover for the Bushman SC35?

Yes, the transit cover is included with every Original Bushman 35L.

How do I strap down the Original Bushman 35L?

The Original Bushman 35L has four heavy duty tie-down brackets, two on each side. You can use these to strap your fridge down anywhere.

If I purchase the 35L Bushman fridge now, can I add an extension kit later on?

Yes, you can add an extension kit anytime to your Original Bushman 35L.

Can I run the Original Bushman 35L from 240V power?

Yes, you can run the Original Bushman 35L from 240V power using the supplied 240 to 12V transformer. This is included with every fridge.

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  • Free Shipping
  • 3-5 Year Warranty
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  • Australian Owned & Operated
  • Free Shipping
  • 3-5 Year Warranty
  • Easy Customer Service
  • Australian Owned & Operated