Bushman DC50-X

50L Caravan Fridge - 12V / 24V



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Bushman DC50-X
What's included
  • – 5 Year compressor warranty
  • – Genuine Secop® Danfoss compressor
  • – Tropical ‘T’ rating
  • – Anderson plug
  • – Crisper tub
  • – Internal 4L Freezer
  • – Reversible door
  • – Free Mounting kit

Super Compact Upright Fridge

The smallest Bushman 12V caravan fridge, the DC50-X is a brilliant little low-power fridge for vans, trucks, boats, and RV’s.

Our customers have installed this 50 litre fridge in van fit-outs, small powerboats and tiny houses.

It is made for built in installations and can be flush mounted to your cabinet work with the supplied mounting kit.

We will ship the Bushman DC50-X to you anywhere in Australia. If you would like more information on this little upright fridge, feel free to contact us anytime.

Independent Awards Winner
Best 12V Caravan Fridge 2020 + 2021 + 2022 + 2023 + 2024 productreview.com.au 


  • Proven Reliable

    • 5 Year Compressor warranty
    • Genuine Bushman designed cooling system
    • Secop Danfoss BD35 compressor
    • Compressor is German designed / Japanese owned
    • Designed for off-road use
  • Light on Power

    • Extra low-power design for superior performance
    • Extensive ventilation options
    • Variable speed drive compressor (2A – 4.5A)
    • Average 0.98 Amp/hr over 24hrs (25º ambient, 4º fridge)
  • Easy to Use

    • Easy to use thermostat
    • Large door shelves
    • Room to stand up tall bottles
    • Anderson plug connection
  • Small, light and big on storage

    Get heaps of storage space for the overall size and weight of your fridge

  • Super strong, yet simple design

    Get fast cool-down and use less power with Bushman’s efficient and reliable cooling system. Plus, upgraded HD wire shelves to handle all the bumps

  • Enhanced features

    It’s the little things that make a Bushman fridge great. Like our super-soft custom made rubber feet that give your fridge a smooth ride


  • Fridge temperature

    4º ( +/- 2ºC)

  • Freezer temperature

    -12º ( +/- 2ºC)

  • Fridge dimensions

    Height 525mm, Width 380mm, Depth 490mm

  • Minimum cut out (flush mount)

    Height 530mm, Width 385mm, Depth 490mm, (This allows a 50mm gap at rear when installed with the door sitting proud from the cabinetwork)

  • Weight


Frequently asked questions

How do I mount my Bushman DC50-X fridge?

There are many different ways you can mount your Bushman DC50-X upright fridge, this includes using the supplied mounting frame, using the internal mounting sleeves or even creating your own brackets.

Does the door on the Bushman DC50-X protrude past the outside of the fridge cabinet when it is opened at 90˚?

No, the door on the Bushman DC50-X does not protrude past the fridge cabinet when opened 90˚, however the door handle does (20mm).

How tall is the Bushman DC50-X door?

The door on the Bushman DC50-X is 520mm tall including the handle. If you move the handle to the side of the door, the door height without the handle is only 505mm.

Can I fit 2L milk bottles in the Bushman DC50-X door?

No, 2L milk bottles do not fit in the door of the Bushman DC50-X. You can fit 1L milk bottles.

What are the dimensions of the wire shelves in the Bushman DC50-X?

The wire shelves in the Bushman DC50-X are approximately 310mm wide and 310mm deep.

What are the freezer dimensions for the Bushman DC50-X?

The freezer dimensions in the Bushman DC50-X are approximately 210mm wide, 220mm deep and 90mm tall. Please note the freezer has rounded corners.

What size battery do I need for the Bushman DC50-X?

We recommend a 120Ah deep cycle (AGM) or 75Ah lithium. This will run the Bushman DC50-X for at least three days and nights.

How many watts of solar do I need for the Bushman DC50-X?

To run the Bushman DC50-X you will need approximately 200W of solar paired with a 120Ah AGM or 75Ah lithium battery.

Can the door on the Bushman DC50-X open from the other side?

Yes! With the Bushman DC50-X you can move the hinges from the right side, to the left side. The door handles can also be moved to accommodate this.

What colour is the Bushman DC50-X available in?

The Bushman DC50-X is only available in matte black.

Can I run the Bushman DC50-X from 240V power?

Yes, you could operate the Bushman DC50-X on 240V power by using a 240V to 12V transformer, however most of our customers choose to run their fridge from their battery bank all the time. When they have access to 240V power they plug-in their smart battery charger to maintain their battery bank.

What Next?

  • Read buyers guides

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  • Free Shipping
  • 3-5 Year Warranty
  • Easy Customer Service
  • Australian Owned & Operated
  • Free Shipping
  • 3-5 Year Warranty
  • Easy Customer Service
  • Australian Owned & Operated