Bushman DC190L

190L Caravan Fridge - 12V / 24V



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Bushman DC190L
What's included
  • – Ultra low-power
  • – Genuine Bushman cooling system
  • – Genuine Secop® Danfoss compressor
  • – 5 Year compressor warranty
  • – Tropical ‘T’ rating for 43˚C ambient
  • – Large door storage
  • – 45L freezer
  • – Door latch for mobile use
  • – Free mounting kit

Super Efficient Caravan Fridge

The Bushman DC190L is our most efficient 12V caravan fridge, ever.

With an oversized, ultra low power cooling system, this fridge will continue to perform even in the hottest temperatures, up to 43˚C. So when everyone else’s fridge has packed it in from the heat, they’ll have their drinks in your Bushman.

Using only 2Ah per hour in average conditions, and less than 3Ah per hour in the most extreme heat, the power consumption of this fridge is quite remarkable.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say…

4.7 stars from 50 reviews ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  productreview.com.au 

“Best fridge in Australian conditions”

“Only fridge in our group travelling Australia that is keeping up with 43 degs”


  • Reliable

    • Genuine Secop® Danfoss BD50 compressor
    • German designed / Japanese owned
    • Full steel fridge cabinet
    • Wire shelves with front lip
    • Bushman quality guarantee
    • 3 Year fridge warranty
  • Ultra low power

    • Genuine Bushman designed cooling system
    • Large external, wire on tube condenser
    • External fan to assist air flow
    • Thick insulation 80mm freezer, 50mm fridge
    • Climate class “T” tropical
    • Average 2.0 Ah per/hr over 24hrs (25º ambient 4º fridge)
    • Max amp draw 4.5 amps on 12V system
  • Easy to Use

    • Wide door storage for large bottles
    • Big 45 litre freezer
    • Adjustable shelves
    • Interior light
    • Door latch for mobile use
    • Reversible doors
    • Mounting Kit included
  • Enhanced features

    It’s the little things we do that make a Bushman fridge better, like our simple door latch and full steel cabinet.

  • Hot weather hero

    A genuine tropical rated fridge for northern adventures and ultra-low power consumption up to 43˚C.

  • Custom Bushman cooling system

    Get fast cool – down, use less power and extend the life of your fridge with Bushmans simple, efficient and reliable design.

Technical Specifications

  • Temperature fridge

    4º ( +/- 2ºC)

  • Temperature freezer

    -15º ( +/- 2ºC)

  • Fridge dimensions

    Height 1380 mm, Width 600mm, Depth 600mm

  • Minimum cut out

    Height 1385mm, Width 605mm, Depth 575mm (allows 50mm gap at rear with doors proud from the cabinetwork)

  • Weight

    50 kg

Frequently asked questions

How do I mount my Bushman DC190L-X fridge?

You can mount your Bushman DC190L-X upright fridge into a cavity using the supplied mounting kit. Alternatively, some customers make their own brackets depending on their particular situation. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Does the door on the Bushman DC190L-X protrude past the outside of the fridge cabinet when it is opened at 90˚?

Yes, the door on the Bushman DC190L-X curves outwards in the centre. When the door is opened 90˚ the centre of the door protrudes 25mm past the side of the fridge cabinet.

Can I fit 2L milk bottles in the Bushman DC190L-X door?

Yes! 2L milk bottles fit in the door of the Bushman DC190L-X.

I need to get my fridge in through the caravan door, how deep is the DC190L-X fridge with the doors removed?

With the doors removed, the total depth of DC190L-X is only 525mm.

What are the dimensions of the shelves in the Bushman DC190L-X?

The wire shelves in the Bushman DC190L-X fridge are approximately 480mm wide by 240mm deep; and the wire shelves in the freezer are approximately 430mm wide by 260mm deep.

What are the freezer dimensions for the Bushman DC190L-X?

The freezer dimensions in the Bushman DC190L-X are approximately 440mm wide, 300mm deep and 330mm tall. Please note the freezer has rounded corners.

What size battery do I need for the Bushman DC190L-X?

We recommend a 240Ah deep cycle (AGM) or 140Ah lithium. This will run the Bushman DC190L-X for at least three days and nights.

How many watts of solar do I need for the Bushman DC190L-X?

To run the Bushman DC190L-X you will need approximately 400W of solar paired with a 240Ah AGM or 140Ah lithium battery.

Can the doors on the Bushman DC190L-X open from the other side?

Yes! With the Bushman DC190L-X you can move the hinges from the right side to the left side. The door latch can also be moved to accommodate this.

What colour is the Bushman DC190L-X available in?

The Bushman DC190L-X is only available in matte black.

Can I run the Bushman DC190L-X from 240V power?

Yes you could operate the Bushman DC190L-X on 240V power by using a 240V to 12V transformer, however most customers choose to run their fridge from their battery bank all the time. When they have access to 240V power they plug in their smart battery charger to maintain their battery bank.

I need to replace a Dometic RM4601 3-way fridge, will the Bushman DC190L-X fit?

Yes! The Bushman DC190L-X is a direct swap replacement for the Dometic RM 4601 gas fridge.

I need to replace a Dometic RPD190 12V fridge, will the Bushman DC190L-X fit?

Yes, the Bushman DC190L-X is also a direct swap replacement for the Dometic RPD190 190L 12V fridge.

What Next?

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  • Free Shipping
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  • Free Shipping
  • 3-5 Year Warranty
  • Easy Customer Service
  • Australian Owned & Operated