Built in installation

Fridge Mounting


There are a couple of different ways you can mount an upright fridge fridge.

1. Build a custom cavity for the fridge to fit into and use the supplied mounting kit. This is a neat and tidy option, and some of our customers even add a little extra insulation around the sides, just to be perfect. When building the cavity, be sure to allow sufficient ventilation to the compressor area.

2. Keep the fridge freestanding and use your own custom brackets. If using this method you can screw into the sheetmetal corners of the fridge cabinet using short (12mm) sheetmetal screws. We have customers that have made up simple brackets from steel, aluminium and even timber. With this option, ventilation is almost always excellent.

Freestanding Install - Custom Bracket

Fridge Ventilation


Ventilation is the most important thing to consider when installing an upright fridge in a 4×4 canopy.

If your canopy is made from metal, is fully sealed and parked in the sun on a hot day, it will act like an oven. And if the ambient temperature climbs over 45º, your fridge will be working flat out trying to stay cold. So when designing your canopy, think about the environment you are putting your fridge into and be sure to allow sufficient free air flow in and out of the fridge area at all times.

Something as simple as parking your truck in the shade when possible will also make a big difference.

For detailed minimum ventilation requirements, please download the DC-X Series owners manual from the product page, or contact us for a chat.

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