Gas caravan fridge repair?

Fridges that operate on LPG have an absorption cooling system, which makes them best for fixed, off-grid living or longer term camping. These days, absorption cooling systems are no longer the first choice for mobile situations like caravans, RV’s or boats, especially in warmer weather.
To find out why, take a look at this list of requirements that an absorption fridge needs to work efficiently in a caravan:
  1. A 100% stable and level surface.
  2. Extensive and correct ventilation.
  3. To be kept away from heat sources like a stove, oven or direct sunlight.
  4. Clean gas and a maintained burner
  5. A “T” tropical rating for use in a cavity, as most absorption fridges are not tropical rated for built-in installations.
As you can see from the list above, an absorption fridge is not always a great match for a caravan. So before you book your gas caravan fridge in for repair, it might be time to consider upgrading your fridge to a compressor model.

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